Class 12 Physics Sample Papers and Test Papers

Class 12 Physics Sample Papers and Test Papers

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Product Description: CBSE Sample Papers and chapter wise solved Test Papers for Class 12 Physics based on CCE syllabus issued by CBSE for the current session. The whole syllabus of first term and second term is covered. Each topic has 3-5 solved test papers.

This eBook includes : Total 5 solved and 9 unsolved sample papers and total 42 Solved Test Papers.

These CBSE chapter-wise solved test papers covers the whole syllabus and includes the following topics:-

  • Electrostatics, Current Electricity
  • Magnetic effect of current & Magnetism
  • Electromagnetic Induction and Alternating current
  • Electromagnetic Waves
  • Optics
  • Dual Nature of Matter
  • Atoms and Nuclei
  • Electronic Devices
  • Communication Systems

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