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Product Description: CBSE Printable Worksheets for class-4 Mathematics, Science and Social Science as per latest syllabus issued by CBSE. All the worksheets are based on cbse syllabus for class-4. There are 118 worksheets for class-4 Maths and 102 worksheets for class-4 science and Social Science (EVS). All these worksheets are also available for FREE download at 



Total 220 worksheets in single PDF file with answer keys

Total 220 separate worksheets with answer keys

Compiled in one single PDF file for one click download.

Total 220 PDF files to be downloaded one by one.

Can be printed all worksheets in one single print command.

To print all worksheets 220 print commands are required.

Can get the whole book of 220 worksheets downloaded in less than 1 minute.

May take more than 2 hour to download all the worksheets one by one.

This eBook includes :

(1) Total 118 Worksheets with answer keys for class-4 Mathematics

(2) Total 102 Worksheets wth answer keys for class-4 Science and Social Science (EVS)

Class-IV Science and Maths Worksheets includes Multiple Choice Questions, Fill Ups, True-False, Matching, and Short answer type questions. The Questions are prepared as per the latest cbse syllabus for class-IV Science and Maths. 

Topics included are:

Class- IV (Science and Social Science)

Class- IV (Mathematics)

1. Plants and Animals

1 Number System

2. Habitats

2 Addition and subtraction

3. Air and Water

3 Multiplication and division

4. Our Environment

4 Factors Multiples Estimation

5. Our Food

5 Patterns and symmetry

6. Human body and Health

6 Fractional Numbers

7. State of Matter

7 Decimal Numbers

8. Work Force Energy

8 Geometrical Shapes

9. Our Universe

9 Measurement

10. India Our Country

10 Money

11. Natural Resources

11 Time and calender

12. Map and Directions

12 Data Handling

13. Land and People of India


14. Indian Government


15. Means of Transport


16. Means of communication


17. Things we make and do



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